HD HYUNDAI Exhibition at CES 2023
'Ocean Transformation'


HD HYUNDAI is a lead company that driving the future of the marine industry with its advanced eco-friendly technology. CEKAI teamed up with CEKAI Digital which specializes in advanced technology and digital content for HD HYUNDAI at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. In 'Ocean Mobility' section, CEKAI Executed in design and CG creation displays inside monitors attached robotic arms, but not only that, CG contents with a robotic choreography are in synchronization with a large scaled conceptual ship built by HD HYUNDAI.
CEKAI also executed the design and CG creation for 'Ocean Energy' section, which is a projection mapping onto a curved table.


Creative Agency
Cheil Worldwide Inc.
Creative Director
Kota Iguchi
Kaz Yamaguchi
Technical Director
Yusaku Kimura
Technical Producer
Akinori Kanai

[Ocean Mobility]

CG Supervisor
Tatsuro Hayashi
CG Director
Akihiro Sato
CG Designer
Akira Watanabe
CG Designer
Masashi Ueno
CG Designer
Natsuki Ogino
CG Designer
Yohei Hatayama
CG Designer
Taku Kou
CG Designer
Kazuda Kaneko
CG Designer
Keishin Kamishima
CG Designer
Takumi Kitagawa
CG Designer
Masayuki Shimoji

[Ocean Energy]

CG Director
Shintarou Noda
CG Designer
Sangyom Kim
CG Designer
Atsuya Yagi
CG Designer
Kyosuke Miyasaka
CG Designer
Masahiro Okino

Kazuhiko Hiramaki
Graphic design/Layout
Toi Yamada
Graphic design/Layout
Shunta Sakamoto
Motion Designer
Kazuhiro Niwa
Recap Compositor
Akira Takahashi
Music/Audio mix
Sound Effect
Kyoung-Do Kim
Yunbeom Jo
Saya Yamada
Production Coordinator
Lee Seunghwan